May Ziade Tomb has a double specialization in psychology and pedagogy . She was in the teaching profession for two decades when she moved back to Lebanon after living abroad, in Saudi Arabia and Canada.

She is the co-owner and co-director of Arts & Renaissance, a fine art school that has reached over 2000 art students of all ages.

Her natural passion for art encouraged her to deepen her knowledge by studying art history and visiting international galleries around the world.

Although, her professional activities are diverse they are all geared toward the promotion of art and artists around the world. In doing so, she became the ambassador of her country in the field of art. For example, she acted as the curator of multiple group exhibitions in the gulf countries. She also consistently showcased the works of their art school ?s students in yearly exhibition in famous art centers, such as Biel. After earning her title as an art consultant and becoming a reliable source of reference, she has been invited to participate in art seminars that aim at developing the taste and love of art in new generations. At last, Mrs. Tomb is the business manager of her husband, Lebanese artist Fouad Tomb and her daughter, Sandra Tomb.

Mrs. Tomb is also working on various long-term projects that correspond to her philosophy of sharing art literacy. One of her future objectives is to collaborate with art institutions towards the creation of a museum for gifted children. As an adamant believer that every child is an artist within, she hopes that schools systems integrate more arts in their school systems. She believes this is not only essential to the psychological development of children but it also allows them to to express themselves artistically and to have a very well rounded education.